A new youth program in Cardijn’s home parish of Laeken

The Joseph Cardijn Pastoral Unit in Schaerbeek, which includes Our Lady of Laeken parish, where Cardijn began his ministry in 19112, is launching a new program for young people.

“After professing his or her faith, the young Christian is sent out on a path of faith, a path for the whole of life,” says a post from the Pastoral Unit.

“Within this setting, it is necessary ([for young people] to be able to deepen this faith as well as our relationship with God. It is also important to be able to take the time to share this with other Christians and to feel a sense of belonging to a parish community, a spiritual family and to have a set of benchmarks for a Christian life.

“In order to provide a framework for this pathfinding process, the animators of the youth program for the Joseph Cardijn UP are proposing a new way of accompanying children with the aim of being at their sides as they grow in the faith. This will enable them to come back together following their two years of initiation during which many friendships have begun.

“We are therefore proposing a series of events, gatherings, weekends, pilgrimages for all young people aged from twelve to 35 years.

“Whether you have followed a course of catechesis, received the sacraments of Christian initiation or not, whether you are a believer or a seeker of God, you are welcome!

“Christians have Good News to share and to be discovered, namely the Gospel. It is our vocation to enable you to discover it during our monthly and annual gatherings, including Tibériade, World Youth Day, etc.

“The youth program will be developed together with all those who work with young people in their daily lives and in the discovery of the Gospel, including parish groups, Catholic Action (JOC, MRJC), Scouts, school chaplaincies, etc…

“For the launching of this program, we are organising a barbecue for all young people from our pastoral unit on Sunday 4 September 2016 following Sunday Mass at Notre Dame de Laeken.

“If you have an idea, or if you are looking for more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The team: Marie Kalipe

Youth program leader : Jacky TRIFIN

Co-leader: Hani ABOU MRAD

Info Vicariat Bxl : jeunescathos-bxl.org


4 septembre : Lancement de la Pastorale des Jeunes (Unité Pastorale Joseph Cardijn)