Angelleli cause combined with priests and lay person

The diocesan process for the canonization of Argentinian JOC chaplain, Bishop Enrique Angelelli, who was assassinated during the 1970s military dictatorship, is already in the Vatican and has been combined with that of two priests and a lay person who were also killed in the same period.

The process was linked to the killings of two priests and a layman, victims of the same military regime
“The Church needs to verbalize many things of the dictatorship,” Fr Luis Liberti, an expert in the cause of beatification of the bishop of La Rioja between 1968 and 1976 told Vatican Insider. 
Fr Liberti also now speaks of “Bishop Angelelli and his fellow martyrs.”

“In October 2016 the diocesan process was closed, which lasted for one year and eight months, since then the cause was brought to the Vatican,” Fr Liberti said. 

“It is important to note that his cause is linked to that of three others killed before him, two priests (Gabriel Longueville, Carlos Murias) and a layman (Wenceslao Pedernera). 
“Now this is a single cause. 
“The 22 July of 1976 was the birthday of Angelelli. That same day they killed the priests, which was his (birthday) gift. On 26 July they killed the lay person and 4 August they killed the bishop,” Fr Liberti said.