Announcing the Convening of CCI International Council in India

The International Council of CCI will be held at Joe Beach, Mamallapuram near Chennai, India on Wednesday, the 9th December 2015, the day following the CCI International Conference on ‘Vatican 2+50: A Cardijn Perspective’.

A brief background
It is a happy co-incidence that the first General Assembly of CCI was convened in Chennai, India in February 2008. The first International Team was elected at this General Assembly.

Ever since, the CCI has evolved as an international network present in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America with contacts in South America.

Foreseen as a South East Asian Meeting and Study program in Malaysia in August 2009, the gathering turned out to be a General Assembly of CCI wherein a new team was elected.

In July 2011, the 3rd General Assembly was held in Bangkok, Thailand with a larger participation of different countries. A new team was elected at this General Assembly.

In January 2012, the International Team which met at La Salle, P. J., Malaysia came up with  a document outlining organisational procedures for CCI named ‘Minimum Guiding Principles’. As per Section 4 of the Minimum Guiding Principles, the International Council comprises of Member CCI National Movements, direct members of CCI and members of the International Team.

The International Council will meet once in 4 years.

You are invited
All the country groups are requested to depute a maximum of 2 delegates to the International Council; individual direct members are also invited to attend the CCI International Council on the 9thDecember 2015 at Joe Beach, India (

It will be a one day business session. The International Council shall determine the future direction of CCI.

Participation fee
Those who attend the International Council shall pay a registration fee of US$ 25- (Twenty five US Dollars only) which is mainly for accommodation (inclusive of the night of 9th December 2015). This is besides the conference registration fee of US$ 100 + 20.

They will be provided all meals upto breakfast on the 10th December 2015.

The International Council registration fee can be paid on arrival at the venue.