Cardinal Farrell praises MIACS Covid response

Cardinal Kevin Farrell, the president of the Holy See Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life has praised a statement on responding to Covid by the International Movements of Specialised Catholic Action (MIACS).

The letter, which addressed the theme “From crisis to conversion,” aims “to identify shared objectives and priority action areas that seek to address the many social, economic and human crises, caused by the pandemic,” Cardinal Farrell noted.

“The praiseworthy effort at reflection and sharing that you have made to compose these guidelines deserves to be better and more widely known.

“Your analysis and your proposals, which are the fruit of a realistic and objective Christian perspective on events, have well interpreted and attempted to translate into concrete action the Pope’s thinking regarding the present world crisis. They also echo his urgent appeal for global solidarity, which was forcefully expressed in the encyclical, Fratelli Tutti.

“At a time when everything seems to be disintegrating and losing consistency, it is good for us to appeal to the ‘solidity’ born of the consciousness that we are responsible for the fragility of others as we strive to build a common future. (Fratelli Tutti §115).

“By your commitment to the most disadvantaged, you are responding precisely to this invitation of the Pope by basing yourself on the “solidity” of the international network that you have developed and by taking responsibility for the fragility of so many of our brothers and sisters in difficulty from the perspective of a common future in which we are all now more than ever implicated.

“I thank all the movements that are part of MIACS for all that you are doing with such devotion and commitment,” Cardinal Farrell concluded.