Condolences and prayers for our Japanese friends
CCI wishes to express its condolences to the Japanese people in their moment of grave need following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant explosions.

“Continue to pray for the people of Japan,” CCI convenor MJ Ruben said.

“YPD and YCW friends in Japan are safe, according to information received from them,” Ruben added.

“The entire world is in grip of fear and uncertainty,” he continued in a Facebook post.

“All the development and progress made can be wiped out in seconds by natural disasters. The greatest need of the hour is the stress on ‘ecological education’. There is no other alternative but to stop abusing nature and a rethinking on the type of ‘technology of death and destruction,'” Ruben noted.




Dear Friends,

As news of fresh disasters – both natural and man made – come in each day, the entire world is in deep sorrow and solidarity with the people of Japan.

Cardijn Community International (CCI) expresses its deepest condolences to the affected people and appeal to everyone of you to urge your government, civil society organisations and communities to render all possible assistance and cooperation to Japan at this hour of great tragedy.

CCI appeals to all concerned to join its global call to all governments to give up destructive technologies including nuclear technology and begin to develop eco-friendly and alternative technologies.

All our efforts towards development and improvement in the lives of the people become futile in the face of nature’s fury. Therefore, let us learn to stop abusing nature and promote harmony between humanity and nature. The need of the hour is ‘education in ecology’.

United in prayers with you for the people of Japan and hoping that no such calamitis recur in any part of the world,

In Solidarity,

for International Coordination of CCI,

M. J. Ruben

International Convenor.