Fr Reginaldo Andrietta named bishop of Jales, Brazil

Bishop-elect Reginaldo Andrietta

Pope Francis has named former International YCW chaplain, Fr Reginaldo Andrietta, as the new bishop of Jales in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Born on 7 March 1957 and ordained on 18 March 1983, Fr Reginaldo was chaplain to the Brazilian JOC from 1983 – 87. During the 1990s, he was chaplain for the JOC America from 1991 – 94, and he was international chaplain for the IYCW from 2000-06. He also worked to develop the JOC in Argentina, Ecuador and the United States.

He holds a Master’s degree in catechesis from the Institut de Catechese et Pastorale Lumen Vitae in Brussels, Belgium and a licentiate in pastoral theology from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Fr Reginaldo also wrote a book entitled “Os Jovens Trabalhadores Conquistando Trabalho e Justiça” (Young workers conquering labour and justice”).

After finishing with the YCW, he served in a number of pastoral, academic and administrative roles in the diocese of Limeira, Brazil and in Brussels, Belgium, including parish vicar, parish priest, professor of pastoral theology and member of the presbyteral council. He is currently pastor of the “Sao Judas Tadeu” parish in Americana.

Fr Reginaldo is the latest in a long and illustrious line of jocist bishops from Brazil including Archbishops Helder Camara, Jose Vicente Tavora, Bishop Antonio Fragoso, Waldir Calheiros, Pedro Koop, Avelar Brandão Vilela.

International Team meeting, JOC Internationale, Quito, 1993.


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The bishops, priests, religious, deacons, seminarians and the People of God, especially the Dioceses of Limeira and Jales, State of Sao Paulo.

Limeira, October 21, 2015.

Dear brothers, sisters,

I turn to Bishop Vilson Dias de Oliveira, DC, Bishop of Limeira – SP and Dom Luiz Demetrio Valentini, resignatário Bishop of Jales Diocese – SP, as well as priests, religious, deacons, seminarians and all God’s people, especially those dioceses, to express my joy at being named Bishop of the Diocese of Jales, the Holy Father, Pope Francisco.

I cordially thank His Holiness the Pope, for trusting me episcopal ministry in this diocese. I accepted his invitation in response to Jesus’ call to put myself at the service. He came himself to serve, not be served, and urged his disciples to be servants of all (cf. Mt 20.27 to 28). I assume, therefore, that ministry, with the certainty that grazing the People of God belongs to Christ. I will be, just, your humble servant, putting myself in his name and on behalf of the Church, the common good of the service. So I chose as his episcopal motto: SERVING THE COMMON GOOD (“Boni Communis Ministerium”).

I am especially happy with my appointment because of Jales Diocese pastoral be greatly appreciated, thanks mainly to the prophetic role of Archbishop Demetrius, before him since 1982. I repeat what I said to you personally: “I, who always admired, I have now the honor to have it very close, as a friend, collaborator and master. ” Thank you for the warm welcome. I will be at your disposal for what you need. I welcome straight away, with great affection, priests, religious, seminarians and the whole People of God in this Diocese. For you will be a bishop, with you I will be Christian.
The intense pastoral dedication of you, in often difficult conditions, with an admittedly generous presbytery allowed to build a church project that respect, I value and want to continue. The Jales particular Church will continue to have the face of it that long ago, make their story. Only seek help from my pastoral experience and the specificity of my episcopal ministry, for this church to continue assuming more and more the face of the poor, excluded and injustice, in which I see the face of Christ himself (cf. Mt 25,31- 46).

I thank warmly the Bishop Vilson and all the bishops who preceded him in the Diocese of Limeira, for the trust you have offered me during the 32 years of my priestly ministry in this Diocese, including the period in which assumed national and international responsibilities with the ever-living and active Young Catholic Workers. Priests, religious, deacons, seminarians and all the People of God in this Diocese, my deep gratitude for the friendship and pastoral fellowship. I entrust to the Lord our God, and Our Lady of Sorrows, patron saint of the diocese, the continuity of the mission we share.

With filial love the Father with the compassion of Christ, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, with the joy of the Gospel, with unconditional to the Church love, in communion with the Episcopal College and inspired by the tenderness of Our Lady of the Assumption, the Diocese patron Jales, count on the permanent prayer of you.

Sincerely in Christ.
Mons. José Reginaldo Andrietta Parish St. Jude
Icaraí 46th, Ipiranga Garden – CEP 13468-550 Americana, SP
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