IYCS leader visits India

International Young Christian Students leader Edouardo Koutsava from Togo talked to the YouthActiv8 website while on a visit to India.

Edouardo Koutsava, 33, is originally from Togo, Africa and is the first of six children. Since 1989, he was involved in YCS which attracted him because of the space and opportunity it provided to young people to live their motto of ‘See, Judge, Act.’ He served three years as a national leader in Togo before he was elected in 2007 as Secretary General of International Young Catholic Students (IYCS). He is much in favour of peace building initiatives and advocating the young people. Koutsava spoke to Nalini on the upcoming IYCS meet and many more.

Q: What is the purpose of your visit to India?

Edouardo Koutsava: I am in India in order to finalise the preparation of the global “study” session, the world council of my organisation which is the International Young Catholic Students.

Why in India?

We have presence in 87 countries. India was selected because it has a wide ground of different topics, its different religions, culture and diversity. There is the issue of poverty, how the government is coming out. There are different types of subjects. India is offering us a space to go into concrete studies and find solutions to problems. To see how they can face the challenges that the world is facing now.


Innovative youth leader (YouthActiv8)