IYCW ‘actors of change’ meet in Ghana

The 13th IYCW World Council opened in Accra, Ghana yesterday addressing the theme ‘Young Workers as Actors of Change’.

“Young workers must take up the cause of young workers and continue the struggle to improve their working conditions, fight for dignity and be actors for change,” IYCW president Geethani Peries told Ghana News Agency.

Mr Lucas Anao Apiining, National President of the YCWM, Ghana, said, the summit attracted about 75 workers and supporters from all over the world, to evaluate, analyse, plan, coordinate, strengthen and realize the IYCW international social protection campaign, Vibe Ghana adds.

He said the objective of the movement was to organize young workers across the World to fight for change in their living conditions as future leaders, adding that, “it’s time to build a new world fighting together, and acting together as we need to fight for the freedom of all.”

Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle of Accra chaired the opening ceremony at the Council.

He said young people below 35years of age in Africa constitute about 65 per cent and that they were the majority and deserved to be treated as future leaders.

He advised them to be serious with any activity that they might find themselves in and appealed to them to be dedicated and committed to their religious duties.


13th YCW International conference opens in Accra (Vibe Ghana)

13th YCW International conference opens in Ghana (Ghana News Agency)


IYCW 12th World Council, Accra, Ghana


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