New Pentecost 2011

CCI which is a co-partner in the New Pentecost movement is observing the Pentecost this year by promoting the theme ‘Peace Education towards Sustainable Development’.

As part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations, CCI is holding an international forum in Bangkok on the 23rd July 2011 with the theme ‘Peace Building towards Sustainable Development’.

Cardijn Community International (CCI) feels that while efforts should be taken by one and all to avert destruction of humanity and nature through warfare, there should be an all out effort in ‘peace building’ so that the whole of humanity can live in harmony with one another and nature; peace education also presupposes ecological education.

The Vatican II document Pastoral Constitution On The Church In The Modern World — Gaudium et Spes speaks elaborately on ‘peace’, a part of which is reproduced here:

“78. Peace is not merely the absence of war; nor can it be reduced solely to the maintenance of a balance of power between enemies; nor is it brought about by dictatorship. Instead, it is rightly and appropriately called an enterprise of justice. Peace results from that order structured into human society by its divine Founder, and actualized by men as they thirst after ever greater justice. The common good of humanity finds its ultimate meaning in the eternal law. But since the concrete demands of this common good are constantly changing as time goes on, peace is never attained once and for all, but must be built up ceaselessly. Moreover, since the human will is unsteady and wounded by sin, the achievement of peace requires a constant mastering of passions and the vigilance of lawful authority.

But this is not enough. This peace on earth cannot be obtained unless personal well-being is safeguarded and men freely and trustingly share with one another the riches of their inner spirits and their talents. A firm determination to respect other men and peoples and their dignity, as well as the studied practice of brotherhood is absolutely necessary for the establishment of peace. Hence peace is likewise the fruit of love, which goes beyond what justice can provide.” (It must be noted that Cardinal Cardijn whose legacy CCI wants to promote, was a driving force behind drafting this document at the Vatican II).

On this Pentecost, let us invoke the Holy Spirit to fill humanity with ‘peace’ and ability to engage in ‘peace education towards sustainable development’.

International Coordination
June 4, 2011