Sri Lanka YCW chaplain condemns police violence

Sri Lankan worker chaplain Father Reid Shelton Fernando has unequivocally condemned violence “generated by the police” in clashes on Monday that injured many people in clashes between police and Free Trade Zone workers from garment factories who were protesting against a private sector pension bill.

“The violence generated by the police has to be condemned totally. Some law enforcing officers behaved in a very unbecoming manner — kicking workers and dragging them along the road,” said Father Reid Shelton Fernando, chaplain for the Young Christian Workers movement in Colombo archdiocese. Two police officers have since been arrested, reports.

About 100 workers have been hospitalized, some with bullet wounds. Police personnel were also injured.

“There should be an impartial investigation to find out what exactly happened,” Father Fernando said.

According to the priest, the government will provide 33 percent of the workers’ retirement fund but will not guarantee them a pension.


Priest condemns attack on workers (