A ‘New Pentecost’ in the 50th yr of opening of Vatican II

The International Team of CCI wishes all Cardijn alumni and the members of Cardijn Community a spirit filled ‘New Pentecost’.

New Pentecost is very special to CCI.

New Pentecost was promoted by CCI as a follow up to its successful Conference on Vatican II + 40 in 2002 in Bangkok to commemorate the 40thanniversary of the opening of Vatican II in 1962.

Pope John XXIII proposed the prayer “O Holy Spirit, renew your wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost” for Vatican II. He wished the Vatican II to open the way to a New Pentecost in the Church.

This year CCI is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II by launching a 3 year project re-examining the spirit and decisions of the Council in the areas of social teachings and lay participation in the light of Cardinal Cardijn’s contribution.

The project will be launched on the 11th October this year in Manila with a 3 day Conference on ‘Vatican 2 + 50: A Cardijn Perspective’.

An ‘Inquiry’ to collate the perceptions of the laity will be launched as a preparation to the Conference.

On this special day, we beseech the Holy Spirit to guide us in our search to build a ‘sustainable Church’ in the light of the vision and spirituality promoted by Cardijn.