British school children see judge act on environment
Corpus Christi

“We would like all children to leave here having experienced the ‘see- judge-act’ approach where they look at an issue e.g. plastic pollution, make a judgement about what it is doing to our planet and then act on it,” teachers at Corpus Christi Catholic School in Bournemouth, UK, say.

“As a Catholic school, we have taken inspiration from Oscar Romero who spoke out against the problems in the world and encouraged everyone to take the ‘See, Judge and Act’ approach to problems in our world. Our children haue also taken inspiration from Greta Thunberg and have ‘seen’ the issues with pollution, have talked about it and have therefore decided to take action.

“Our Year 4 classes have decided to take action through their words. In English lessons, our children haue been writing poems about pollution, our enuironment, deforestation and climate change. We have created this poetry book to raise awareness to the current environmental issues our world is facing. We are so proud of their passion and their work, that it is only right this is shared within the local community too.

“We are hoping that as many people haue the chance to read their poems, in the hope that they will be inspired to make small changes in their day to day liues, to make a difference in saving our planet. The children would also like to showcase their passion of making a difference to their families, the school and local community and the general public.

“We hope this inspires you to make a difference,” the teachers, Ms Davis and Ms Whiting and the children write in the introduction to their e-book, which is now available online.


The Broken World by Year 4 Corpus Christi Primary School


Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School