Church must assert role as peacemaker: Cardinal Bo

“The Church must assert its role as a peacemaker,” Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon, Myanmar has written in a letter to responding to a solidarity message sent by the Cardijn Community International.

“On behalf of our people and Church in Myanmar, kindly accept our grateful sentiments for your moving gesture of solidarity at these great challenging moments. We deeply appreciate your fellowship of men and women from various countries,” Cardinal Bo wrote.

“We are into great challenges for our existence as a nation. After 70 long years, freedom broke and we thought it was a dawn of a new era. Suddenly these dreams seemed to have evaporated especially for the youth. The resistance shown by them is their anxiety about their future. Church people did show their solidarity in very many ways.

“Amidst all this darkness, death and agony, the Church must assert its role as a peacemaker. The Pope visit highlighted that this small church can be a great leaven for peace. This is what we are doing. Amidst all the darkness, we need to light a candle of hope. This is a hard path. But we always work under sincere hope: Peace is possible, peace is the only way.

“Thanks for your fellowship during these days. God bless you

In Christ.

♦ Cardinal Charles Bo

Archbishop of Yangon/ President of FABC

Earlier, CCI convenor, Mr Ruben Joseph sent the following letter signed by CCI leaders from 21 countries.

“Members of Cardijn Community International(CCI), an international network of leaders formed through Cardijn movements and other Cardijn followers who are involved in various movements and organisations around the world wish to extend our solidarity and prayers at this moment of great distress you and the people of Myanmar are going through.

“We have been following with anguish the developments unfolding since the day the military seized power from the democratically elected government. On our part we are disseminating whatever information we receive to as many groups and civil society organisations to create public opinion against the goings on in your country.

“We are shocked at the inhuman methods and brutality employed by the uniformed forces on the peace loving people of Myanmar. The spirit and zeal for peace and democracy witnessed in the struggle by the youth, women, the religious and all sections of the people gives us hope that their sacrifices will not go in vain.

“We are shocked at the increase in the number of people dying in the shooting incidents.

“At this critical juncture we hereby assure our solidarity and prayers to you, the Catholic Church and all those in the struggle for return to democracy in Myanmar.

“We pray to the Almighty for peace and serenity to return to Myanmar at the earliest.

“United with you in prayers,

“Ruben M. Joseph, India and other CCI leaders from 21 countries.

Copies of the original letters may be seen below.

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