Colombo commemorates Cardijn

“Our Lady said, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’ So in our life we must always try to live according to the teachings of Christ. Only in this way will we improve our mission as Christian workers in this society”, said Fr Sixtus Kurukulasuriya marking the 129th anniversary of the birth of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn.

Also present at the function were Fr Ernest Porutota whom together with Fr. Kurukulasuriya have contributed to the growth of the YWC, and Fr Reid Shelton Fernando, YCW chaplain for the diocese of Colombo.

The YCW was founded in Sri Lanka in the late 1940s. The young members of this movement then created its “adult” counterpart, the Christian Workers Movement (CWM) in 1953. In the late ’60s, the Cwm has grown at an international level.

“The mission of Cardinal Cardijn – said Fr Porutota in his homily – it is very important. With his method, he wanted to raise the real quality of life, following in the footsteps of Jesus. “

Vivian Silva is one of the senior members of the CWM: “Our faith has no value unless we put it into practice in everyday life. We should not forget that every time we practice the Word of Jesus, we make it alive and present in our society. “

Fr Reid Shelton Fernando told AsiaNews that “the mission of Cardinal Cardijn helped me in my priesthood and my pastoral activities. I want the members of the CWM to be fully involved in workers issues and to support their struggles. It is important that they have full knowledge of the Social Doctrine of the Church. “

The Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka considers the inter-group and not national. Currently it has between 300 and 400 members in four dioceses. Nationally, there are about 50 groups, 23 in the Archdiocese of Colombo.


Colombo commemorates Card. Cardijn, promoter of mission in the world of work (Asia News)