Irene Fernandez: Ten years already

This year is the tenth anniversary of the death of Malaysian activist and former YCW leader, Irene Fernandez.

After working for the Malaysian YCW and becoming a member of the International YCW International Team during the 1970s, she became involved in trade union and human rights work, working particularly with exploited migrant women.

During the 1980s together with her sister Aegile, she co-founded the Malaysia NGO, Tenaganita.

After she criticised the Malaysian government over the deaths of detained migrant workers, she was tried on charges of “maliciously publishing false news.” After the longest trial in Malaysian history, she was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison, but freed on appeal.

The iHeard podcast series remembers her in this week’s broadcast. Click on the link below to listen:

Workers: Irene Fernandez (iHeart)


Irene Fernandez (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)