IYCW launches fundraising campaign
The IYCW has launched a fundraising campaign to mark the 56th anniversary of the international pilgrimage to Rome in 1957 that marked the official foundation of the movement.

“As we know, labour market conditions have stalled, even in advanced economies, and employment
gains have weakened,” IYCW leaders noted in a statement.

“During the 13th International Council of the IYCW held in Accra, Ghana, from 8th to 24th August 2012, the young workers developed an international plan of action, proposing a progressive program that will change the young workers’ lives for the better.

“The international plan proposes actions and programs promoting effective social protection and just
work policies as a cornerstone. The plan is built to assist young workers and their national movements to overcome four elemental gaps: social protection, just work, gender equality and
quality education.

“To that end, the plan underlines the importance of having appropriate social safety nets to reduce
poverty, unemployment and inequality; of securing access to education for young workers and young
women’s empowerment; and of implementing sustainable social insurance programs that help
cushion the impact of the crisis on working class families. And the plan promotes effective policies for productive employment which help young workers gain access to labour markets and accumulate
skills, both during the recovery from the economic crisis and in normal times,” the IYCW statement says.

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