Pope Francis greets CCI, ICYCW and IYCW

Through his communication of the 17th October 2017, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin conveys the message of Pope Francis to ICYCW, IYCW and CCI.

In this message, Pope Francis appreciates the devoted sentiments that prompted us to write to him about the important work of those young people who continue to be inspired by the work of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn.

The Secretary of State conveys that the ‘Holy Father wishes to renew his prayerful wishes to the young people the three organisations represent and that he invokes upon all of us God’s blessings of joy and peace’.

Pope Francis’s message is in response to a joint statement made by CCI, ICYCW and IYCW on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of IYCW Rome Pilgrimage 1957.

In the joint statement, while recalling the current situation of the young workers around the world, we had stated that Cardijn always insisted on the importance of the vocation and mission of each young worker in his or her daily life.

We had also mentioned that we believe that this message is particularly relevant and important in the light of next year’s Synod focusing on Young People, the Faith and Vocational.

Cardijn Community International thanks IYCW and ICYCW for their willingness in joining the efforts of CCI to issue the joint statement.

Let us continue to promote Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and methodology.