See, judge, act ‘a formidable method’: Perth Archbishop

In an address to the University of Notre Dame Australia, Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth has called for a renewal of the see, judge, act based small group methodology.

“A formidable formation programme struggles but still exists in this Archdiocese that I want to put to you,” he said.

“It is based on a review of daily life. Small groups critique unjust situations in the light of the Gospel and make a commitment to action.

“The steps are summed up in three words – SEE, JUDGE and ACT.

“It has already produced strong leaders in public life and needs to be revived again if laypeople are to fulfill their special task in the world, as the Church has asked them to do.

“In brief, make the Gospels your study text.

“Read about others who have gone before you. Find a group of like-minded friends to talk about all this together.

“Live a good life, free of sin, and, most important of all, pray. Speak to Christ as your friend, and then listen.

“Carry Him in your heart after Holy Communion, then carry Him into the world.

“In your family life, cultivate an awareness of the world around you and help your children to understand that they too are called to make a difference in the world, when they grow to maturity, in order to build up the sort of world that Jesus wants,” says Archbishop Hickey.


Go where I cannot go, transform the world and bring it to Christ: Hickey(The Record)