Worker kicked, loses baby
Indonesia YCW is reporting that workers are continuing their action at the PT Micro Garment Factory in Bandung despite intimidation and violence that caused one pregnant worker to lose her baby.

“Yesterday (31/5), the police had taken over the action area and they park their trucks on the action area in the front gate of the PT. Micro garment factory, the workers of PT. Micro Garment were forced to move around the truck, sitting around, peal pray and slogans. All the mothers who are pregnant was evacuated to the safe place,” Indonesia YCW reports.

“Pressure, bad threat, terror and intimidation strongly increase done by the police, the workers getting more suppress physically and mentally.

“As you know last Friday (27/5), police brutally disperse the action and one the pregnant women lost her baby due miscarriage kicked by the police. They are suffering hunger now since they cannot collect the donation from the members anymore except receiving from workers from other factories and from people who sympathy to the action.

“Around 186 workers still continuing sitting around the police truck under the strong pressure now waiting the government and employer to grant the worker’s demands.

“The YCW Indonesia planned to move forward to Jakarta to meet the labor ministry and human right commission to urge the central government to take immediately action to protect workers in PT. Micro Garment since till now the local government and parliament are only hearing the case without any proper action.

“Your solidarity and support are very essential to safe the life of the workers in PT. Micro garment and their family,” the Indonesia YCW statement says.

Over 460 workers have now been sacked by the company, according to a workers’ statement.

What you can do:

  • Continue to pressure the Indonesian Government; president, labor ministry, parliament and ILO Jakarta.
  • Meet Indonesian representative house in your country and put the petition to end the violation in PT. Micro Garment.
  • Publish the case into the media in your country and international media you know.
  • Financial campaign for PT. Micro Garment
  • Petition targeting the ILO conference in Geneva which start today (June 1)
  • Pressure the main buyer (NYGARD)
  • Bring this case into your church and community, share and pray together.